Improves the thermal efficiency of your home by keeping it dry.
Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
Gives an insulating solution for solid wall properties that cannot receive cavity wall insulation
Provides a self-cleaning surface
Reduces maintenance due to water damage and algal growth
Protects against penetrating damp



Before applying the secoTHERM coating to the property a full remedial inspection and repair is carried out first. Areas that require repointing and cracks filling are made good to ensure the property is maintenance free before the coating process begins.

Independently Tested and Guaranteed
**secoTHERM has been indepenently tested by HMRC in order that it be classed as an ESM ( energy saving material ). In their tests , on clay and concrete bricks , they concluded that in both tests the insulation property lowered the thermal conductivity by 70-75%. Therefore the VAT payable by the customer on secoTHERM is only 5%.
All our surveyors can provide proof of these results upon request.secoTHERM has been independently tested for its thermal properties by the Danish Technological Institute and has been proven in test to reduce energy consumption.
secoTHERM has also been tested to EN ISO 15148:2002 demonstrating its hygrothermal performance on concrete, mortar, brick and sandstone.

Thermal conductivity tests were carried out by the Danish Technological Institute. A typical clay brick was tested. An untreated brick went from 0.795 W/mK to a secoTHERM treated brick 0.196 W/mK

The thermal conductivity in secoTHERM-coated bricks were lowered by approx. 70-75% when tested according to DS/EN ISO 15148

If your home was built before 1920 or you live in a non-traditional construction house then secoTHERM can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home.


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