Flat Roofing Solutions

We offer a flat roof insulating service which where we aim to cut out a large amount of heat loss by adding a 100mm warm deck along with a more suitable roof covering, one of the options being The Firestone Rubber Cover EPDM roofing system giving a lifespan of 50 years. We also do a flat roof recovering without Insulation service if required.



Our reputation for professional flat roofing Birmingham installations is down to the expertise of our skilled roofers and the quality materials we us. At Hive Efficiency Group, we take pride in our flat roofing work. From single ply membranes and felt roofing to tiling and slating, our roofers only use the finest equipment and material sand ensure that all of our clients are fully satisfied throughout the installation process from quotation to completion.

Firestone rubber flat roof system is an advanced type of roof covering which is one of several flat roof Birmingham options. The covering used is EPDM or ‘ethylene propylene diene monomer’ which is a type of synthetic rubber known for its weather resistant properties.

This rubber is able to withstand heat, cold and other weather conditions and has excellent insulation qualities as well. It has been used extensively in the USA for more than 40 years and is also the most commonly used single ply roofing membrane in the world.

The Firestone rubber EPDM system is used on small domestic flat roof Birmingham buildings such as outhouses, extensions and garages which are ideally suited to this type of covering. Plus the majority of domestic flat roofs are rectangular shaped which means a straightforward process with little fuss.

ensuring you’re able to go throughout your day without the worry of further damage or leakage in your roofs.


We will cut the rubber EPDM sheet to fit the exact specifications of your roof. This sheet is flexible so moulds itself to the shape of your roof and is both UV and ozone resistant. This means a long lasting, waterproof and weatherproof covering which is reliable and easy to maintain.

There are a range of further benefits from the EPDM flat roof Birmingham covering which include:

Weather resistant
Lifetime Guarantee
Flat roofing Birmingham contractor you can count on!

No job too small or too large for us. Whether it’s a leaking flat roof, complete replacement or just consultation on which roof to use, Hive Efficiency Group is here to help!

We don’t just provide the installation of your flat roofing in Birmingham; we also offer a comprehensive roof repair and waterproofing service

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Mrs Danvers, Walsall

“Amazing job, lads were quick and efficient and I had constant updates and transparency throughout, well recommended!”

John, Birmingham

“The team at Hive were very communicative and responded instantly and thoroughly to all my queries. They managed to slot me in due to my particular circumstances and provided a very thorough survey at an excellent price, they even relayed the details of the survey back to me on the same day to help me meet the deadline imposed by the seller. Would highly recommend to anyone, great service!”

Mr Smithson, Solihull

“Excellent service, I was a bit scared of the mess and the length of the work, but they finished my damp proofing in less than a day. Would recommended to others.”

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